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History and Doctrines of the Babi Movement:

by Maulana Muhammad Ali

History and Doctrines of the Babi Movement [PDFpdf] (9.93 MB)

Table of Contents:
  • Part I - History of the Babi Movement:
    • 1. Mirza Ali Muhammad Bab:
      • The Shaikhis and the Imam Mahdi
      • Mirza Ali Muhammad as Head of the Shaikhi Sect
      • Assuming the Title of Bab
      • His First Attitude towards Islam
      • His Claim to be the Mahdi and his Plans
      • The Bab at Isfahan and Conversion of Mutamid-ud-Daula
      • The Bab at Tabriz: his Second Recantation
      • The Bab's Third Recantation in his own Handwriting
      • The Bab Taught and Practised the Doctrine of Taqiyya
      • Bab's Secret Organisation
      • Mulla Husain of Bushraweh
      • Mulla Muhammad Ali of Barfurush
      • Qurrat-ul-Ain
      • The Badasht or Shahrud Conference
      • Respect for Law and Order
      • Mulla Husain's Advance on Barfurush with an Armed Force
      • Babis Fortify Themselves at Shaikh Tabrasi
      • Babi Depredations and Appointment of Mahdi Quli Khan to Deal with the Insurrection
      • Babis Break the Terms and make a Night Attack
      • The Babis Surrender
      • Some Remarks on the Tabrasi Insurrection
      • The Niriz Rebellion
      • The Zanjan Rebellion
      • Some Remarks on the Nature of the Babi Movement
      • Execution of the Bab
    • 2. Mirza Yahya, Subh-i-Azal:
      • Bab Appoints Mirza Yahya as his Successor
      • Mirza Yahya's Uncontested Leadership
      • Dhabih's Claim to Divinity
      • The Claim of Basir
      • Babi Attempt on the Shah's Life
      • Consequences to the Babis
      • Headquarters of Babi Movement Removed to Baghdad
      • He whom God shall Manifest
      • Asadulla's Claim
      • Other Claimants to the Office of 'he whom God shall manifest'
      • Bahaullah's Voluntary Exile into the Sulaimaniyya Mountains
      • Bahaullah Matures his Plans for a Higher Claim
      • Persian Government's Fresh Anxiety on Account of Bahaullah's Activities
      • Babi Leaders Removed to Adrianople
      • Relations of Subh-i Azal and Bahaullah
      • Alleged Attempt to Murder each other
      • Bahaullah's Followers Murder Four Azalis
      • Azali Leaders Murdered one after another by Bahais
      • True Nature of the Movement Revealed
      • Bahaullah Deported to Akka, and Azal to Cyprus
      • End of Subh-i-Azal
    • 3. Mirza Husain Ali, Bahaullah:
      • Why Bahaullah was not Chosen as his Successor by the Bab
      • Choice of Azal as the Head a Farce
      • Bahaullah at Acre
      • Babis Persecuted and put to Death
      • Assassination of Syed Muhammad and two other Azalis by Bahais
      • Assassination Justified
      • Nature of the Babi Movement as Revealed by its Assassinations
      • The End of Bahaullah
      • Bahaullah's Children
      • Position of Bahaullah in the Babi Movement
    • 4. After Bahaullah:
      • Abbas Effendi Succeeds Bahaullah
      • A Dissension
      • Hatred between the Two Sections
      • Repetition of the History of the Azali-Bahai Differences
      • Spread of the Movement to America
      • Methods of Preaching Adopted by Dr. Khairullah
      • Form of Initiation into the Movement
      • Wild Statements about Bahaullah
      • Abbas Effendi as Reappearance of Jesus Christ
      • Abbas Effendi as Incarnation of Falsehood
      • Khairullah Deserts Abbas
      • Extent of the Success of the Babi Movement
  • Part II Teachings of Babism:
    • 1. The Manifestation:
      • Importance of the Doctrine of Manifestation in the Babi Movement
      • Theory of the Manifestation Summed up
      • Two Different Conceptions of the Reformer
      • The Babi Manifestation is God in Flesh
      • Bab's Claim to Divinity
      • Babi and Sufi Doctrines of Divinity in Man
      • Bahaullah's Claim to Divinity
      • Both Bahai Sections are agreed on Bahaullah's Divinity
      • Bahai Propaganda in America based on Baha's Divinity
      • Bab and Bahaullah as Distinguished from other Manifestations
      • The Great Sinlessness
      • God and Man in one
      • The Idea of Revelation according to Baha
      • Relation of the Two Manifestations, Bab and Baha
      • Bab as Forerunner of Baha, an Idea of Later Growth
      • Bab's Prophecy about the New Manifestation
      • Universal Acceptance of Babism was a Condition Precedent to the Appearance of the New Manifestation
      • Baha gives 1,000 Years as Minimum Limit for Appearance of a Manifestation after him
      • The Two Pillars of the Babi Movement, Bab and Bahaullah, cannot Stand together
    • 2. The Laws of Bab and Bahaullah
    • 3. The Sources of Babism
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